Everything you need.

And nothing you don't. Simple yet powerful, TeamUp is easy to setup and intuitive to use.

"Our customers bought into the system straight away and found TeamUp extremely easy to use."

Jon Aldridge Optimal Sports Performance


TeamUp helps you manage relationships with your customers.

Customize your signup form to collect the information you need. Customers move seamlessly from signup to purchase.

Collect information from customers during signup, class registrations, and purchases.

Identify and target customers at every stage with automated statuses.

Reward customers for referring others to your business.

iOS and Android apps let your customers manage their registrations from their phones.

Classes & Scheduling

From scheduled classes and workshops to recurring timeslots and one-off events, TeamUp has you covered.

Set class types, days and times, manage multiple schedules and create recurring or one-off timeslots.

Create one-off workshops or special classes.

Manage busy classes with automated waitlists.

Following up with members is easy, send automated emails like a first class welcome message.

Let your customers make and manage their class registrations online.


Powerful tools to create, customize and manage memberships.

Set class pricing, availability, and allotments per day, week, month, year, or billing cycle.

Recurring plans, prepaid plans, and class packs are all supported.

Easily track class or event participation by entering member attendance right from your dashboard.


Online or in-person, payments with TeamUp are a breeze.

Recurring membership payments are processed automatically.

Support credit cards, direct debit, or in-person payments all through TeamUp.

Flexible discount code system to support any promotion or discount you offer.

And so much more!

Loads of smaller features to make running your business easier.

Friendly, responsive customer support specialists are here to help every step of the way.

Gain insights into your business operations, and make better decisions based on data.

Customize how TeamUp looks to your customers and fully customize every email they receive.

Unlimited staff accounts at your business so everyone can do exactly what they need to. Allow staff who instruct classes to set up and manage their own classes.

No credit card details required, and pay nothing until you're sure you love TeamUp.